Canton Jones – Already Gone Remix (Video and Lyrics)

I’m in a zone and I’m already gone,
And it’s already on, should’ve already known
Act accordingly, you’re in Rome
Game gotta nappy head, gotta get get my comb
Don’t smoke but I still stay stoned
Ain’t high off chief and budda
I’m high off Thank you Lord, Praise you Jesus, Hallelujah
And we call this soldier worship, what’s it to ya
Wanna hear him say well done
Not depart from me, I never knew you
That’s why I put my heart, mind, and soul in each and every song
You say I’m doin music, I say I’m droppin bombs
I declare war, it’s on and poppin
And stopping is not an option, so there’s nothing that we need to discuss
We call this the takeover, be careful cause all your friends and family may already be rolling with us
Soon and very soon, and that ain’t long
When Jesus is gonna come and take us home
You runnin out of minutes like a cell phone
And if you are just showin up, look here I am
Already gone, I’m already gone
I’m already gone, I’m off in a zone
I’m already gone (2X)
The enemy’s a coward and I see his knees are knockin
Just because you’re yellin on the track, don’t mean the train is stoppin
You can either join us, step aside, or get rolled over
I see the curtains closing, show’s over
Gotta let that light shine brighter than a super nova
Days gettin darker, nights gettin colder
But I’m the type to tread on a cobra
And take authority over the 31st of October
Told ya, I’m outta here, I’m on another level
And yo, Christians fight other Christians
Cause they don’t want to fight the devil
Man, why don’t we just unite and make ten thousand out of two
I don’t care, I got some friends in there, I got some kin in there
So I take authority like I am a Dominionaire
And make sure his love is shown, whether you think I’m right or wrong
You’re just talking to yourself because you don’t realize I’m
Yeah, come closer come close
I know you see me physically but really I’m a ghost
No ice cream, no soda, still I’m a float
You’re lookin at a star but it’s the Son I promote
So listen, I’m not the one you want to provoke
Cause I gotta weapon that will anybody back in their place if they thinkin they can take me for a joke
No way you’ll catch me not livin by the words that was wrote
In the book of Life, that alone got me gone in a zone
So all you see around me is smoke
Can’t nobody break my concentration, quit wastin valuable time
If you think I will come down buddy then you’re outta your mind
I’m on a spiritual high, just by lookin at my life you will find
That I never stay down, my progress is always on the incline
Let me tell you what you better do, realize we’re ahead of you
And this is not our home
Kind of difficult to get in where you fit in
When you’re at a place you do not belong
You know that I know that you know that I cannot be wrong
When I mention that I’m in another dimension and


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