The View Discusses Toddlers and Tiaras: 4 year old Dressed Like Prostitute (Video)

So this morning on The View “Hot Topics” they discussed the fact that on Toddlers and Tiaras there was a little girl whose mother dressed her up as a prostitute for the competition (See clip below). They also mentioned that last year a girl was dressed as Dolly Parton to include Butt and Breast Enhancements. Now I could take the obvious approach and judge the mothers and say, “How could they, that is so wrong”, but we already know that.
However how about this approach. 1) A TV show will only air as long as it has ratings. 2) Christian Organizations and groups (To include but not limited to YOUR CHURCH) have power when it comes to what is aired on TV. So perhaps, and I’m sure I’m not talking to you, if people weren’t watching it and then saying “I’m going to pray for her Mama” the show would go off the air. Would that stop the mothers? Maybe, maybe not. Would it limit the exposure of the children? Yes. Perhaps, if enough Christian Organizations got up and did something to help cover these children then the show would go off the air.
However I feel that sitting back and watching the show you are condoning the behavior of the parents and the network. You are saying it is ok for a four year old girl to dress like a sex slave and for a network to pimp her out. Little girls should be dressed like Princesses not prostitutes. I get that they both begin with a PR and they both kiss a boy. But there is still a big difference. Sad thing is, if this was a show about someone exploiting or abusing a dog, it would have been off the air!

Do you watch Toddlers and Tiaras? Why, Why not?
Do you think the mothers were wrong?
Do you think the network holds some responsibility as well?
Don’t get me wrong, I do not have an issue with pageants for children on a whole. I feel that they can teach public speaking, grace, etiquette and lots of other great attributes. However I have a problem with the way some of these pageants are shaped.
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