Christcentric – Fight For The Children (Video)

[ad#ad] CHRISTCENTRIC is a collection of ministers, gifted in the art of hip-hop, and called by God to passionately preach, teach, and defend the message of Jesus Christ and Him crucified. CHRISTCENTRIC is distinct in that they purpose not to entertain but to minister – and this primarily to professing believers within the hip-hop culture. “Spurring (the saints) on toward love and good deeds” and ground them in sound doctrine – they seek to dynamically impact the lives of believers for the building of God’s Kingdom. Through “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs” – they powerfully bring the mercies of God in full view – calling saints to greater commitment to Christ and unbelievers into a right relationship with God.
The ultimate aim of CHRISTCENTRIC is simply to bring glory to the mighty name of Jesus Christ. So that – first in their lives and then the lives of their hearers – at all times and in all things – Jesus Christ “might have the preeminence”.


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