Rev. Dr. Jamal Bryant – Change Your Self-Perception

Rev. Dr. Jamal Bryant – Change Your Self-Perception
sermon notes:
numbers 13:30 – 33
change the way you see yourself
the body of Christ should get better everyday
Joe Namath said, “I can’t wait until tomorrow because I get better looking everyday”
Things in your life have got to get better because you are connected to the best.
To be saved and have low self esteem is uncivilized.
To not love yourself says that you don’t love who created you.
Jesus is possessive and overly protective.
Jesus said touch not my anointed and do my servant no harm.
He put a hedge fence o protection around us.
He said I am a jealous God and their shall be no one before me.
Your self perception should be so high that weak minded people become uncomfortable around you.
Your confidence should be at such a high level that insecure people mislabel you as arrogant.

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