Clint Brown – I Love Your Word (Live from new album Release)

I am not familiar with Clint Brown HOWEVER I have heard two songs off from his album and liked them both the first time I heard them. So I looked up Clint Brown and found out that not only is he a musician but he is also the Pastor of Faithworld Church in Orlando, Florida. Anyone ever attended any of his services?
Enjoy and Be Blessed
Don’t forget you can download his new album Release by clicking the image below!

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  1. Iam S Coles

    yes i have.. he has written over 300 praise and worship songs for himself and many many many christian artist

    1. RiverAngel42

      I can’t believe I have not heard of him before. I am sure I have heard his music elsewhere. Thing is Vashawn Mitchell had a similar story Where he had been writing music and involved in his ministry for so long and then…Bam… Nobody Greater and he is a household name.
      I never heard of Clint Brown then I hear Rain and then I see him talking about Pastor Tims passing and the relationship they had etc. I feel like he will be a name in this household now his music is beautiful.
      Thanks for commenting! Be Blessed

  2. Trisha Small

    I am a member of Pastor Clint Browns Faithworld church in Port Saint Lucie and can tell you that this man is so anointed and I am blessed and encouraged each time he speaks,and when he sings,it’s as if the heavens open up and pour down. He is amn awesome person as well! We are blessed to be part of a blessed ministry!

    1. RiverAngel42

      Thanks for your comment! I will have to see if he has a live feed!
      Be Blessed

  3. Anita Scherer

    Where is your Port St. Lucie Church?

    1. RiverAngel42

      5555 NW Saint James Dr.
      Port St Lucie FL 34983
      Phone – (772) 464-5433

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