Dr. Jamal Bryant – Let Me Live My Life (Video)

Sermon notes:
Let me live my life.
You need to back up off me.
Philosophy at it’s core is examining the meaning of life.
Life is a living organism that undergoes metabolism and maintains homeostasis, posses a capacity to grow, responds to stimuli, is able to reproduce, adapts to the environment, and in someway it communicates.
I want to put you on high alert for murders.
All the murders are not in jail as exemplified by Casey Anthony.
A murderer is someone that wants to kill the definition of your life.
They want to kill you because you’re still growing.
You have serial killers that are upset because you communicate.
They want you to suffer in silence.
Being alive I have a right to speak, I have a right to communicate, I have a right to articulate, I have a right to express my feelings.
You have murders that are upset because you are resilient.
You have murders that are upset because you are productive.
If people are not attacking you that means you are not being productive.
In the Genesis creation narrative he breathed life into Adam. Genesis 3.
If you don’t have the Holy Ghost in the indwelling of your spirit you don’t have life inside of you.
On the verge of being heretical, there is a small group in this room that has a legitimate right to be an atheist.
So much damnable stuff has happened to you that it has put you in place to question – is God really there?
I’m talking to some people who made up in there mind that they were not going to pray anymore.
Psalm 150 – David says, let every thing that has breathe worship.
David as a philosopher has been asking the critical question, if you are alive why aren’t you praising Him?
When I’m praising God I’m letting Him know that I want to stay here because I have work to do.
Dr. King said I want to have a long life. Longevity has its place.

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