Are Jehovah's Witnesses a Cult?


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  1. I believe they are a cult!! Jehovah’s Witnesses firmly deny that Jesus was God in the flesh.

    1. Denice Avatar

      I also believe they are a cult, they have changed to Word of God in many ways, I have studied with them most of my young adult hood and found much emptyness in their teaching, they also deny the Holy Spirit, their teaching is brainwashing, you are not allowed to educate yourself or compare any other sources of God’s Word other than what they publish, Cult, yes.

      1. Denice,
        I certainly do not know you, but I do know based on what your are stating about studying is false. Maybe you are embellishing or just sensationalizing.
        1. You say you found much emptiness. Compared to what?
        2. JW have been accused of many thing but none of which is denying the Holy Sprirt.
        3. How is their teaching brainwashing? You have free will. Nobody forces you to study the bible. And nobody forces or coercives anyone to believe what they do not want to believe.
        4. Why are you not allowed to educate yourself? This what you are suppose to do. It is call personnal study. The bible says that you should keep testing to see if you are in THE faith or truth.
        5. The WT uses muliplte sources to support what they state, much of which is not published by the WT. So, if the WT reviews other sources, why would anyone suggest yo not do so. The truth is the truth. If it is not, it will be exposed for what it is, a lie.

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