Would You Let Your Child Read Harry Potter?

The controversy between Christianity and “Harry Potter” have been an ongoing discussion. Many people think that “Harry Potter” is not a book or movie that Christians should read or watch because it’s theme follows dark magic and witch craft. Many people judge this book before even reading what it is about. What people fail to realize is that the children and teen series is not centered around any specific religion other than the celebration of Christmas and Halloween by the decorations of Christmas trees for Christmas or pumpkins for Halloween. Most people have gone by what they have heard and made assumptions about the book or movie.
I have read the series and seen the movie and have never felt that the book was persuading me in any way to follow dark magic or anything of that nature. Many things in the series are symbolic to the authors life. The author is not trying to teach or persuade the readers the way of witchcraft and dark art. If anything the book follows the theme of good vs. evil like many other story lines and plots. Is it okay to expose your children to shows like CSI or allow them to play games like Call of Duty but not let them read a book? Do you believe there are certain things your child should not be exposed to based off what you have heard?
Teenage Christian

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  1. Gerald

    Harry Potter is a fine read for Christian kids, as long as it;s approached in good fun, with parental support and discussion.
    Some texts, like the newly popular Keeley Thomson- Demon Girl series are just to advanced and anti-Christian to be allowed however.
    I hear it’s already being put forth for a movie deal? We don’t need something like that, no matter how well a book reads.

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