Pastor Joel Brooks – Having The Image Of God

Sermon notes:
Genesis 1:26
be fruitful and multiply
in His own Image
our relationship
why we’re here
who we are
Jesus message – repent, change the way you think because the kingdom is here
change the way you think
part of your uniqueness is how you see things
how you see things has to do with your assignment
everybody has their gift
how you see things
think biblically
doors close all the time and God opens another one
Elijah didn’t fast and pray for the river to start running again
God can do anything
I’m telling you the way you should process
He is not a respecter of persons
If we learn to think biblically, we can disagree and still love one another
There is only one earthquake in the New Testament
That was to set people out of Jail
When God does an earthquake it’s to set people free
If God destroys wicked people, how did you live long enough to get saved?
Where is the Grace, is that all used up?
Apostolic Church
Apostle – to be sent to change culture
The job of an apostle was to conquer and give the people a new culture
atmosphere determines what flows
climate determines what grows
atmosphere sustained is climate
our climate is not conducive to Christianity
why is our Image of God so important
Jesus believed there was a hell
don’t fuel the argument
consider the possibilities
save yourself with fear and trembling
save some with fear
when God created you He was looking at himself
animals act on instinct
It’s important to have the proper image of God so you can see Him and interact with Him properly
It’s important to have the proper image of God so you know who you are

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