The Talk Interviews Rabbi Naomi Levy 2011 Booklist "Hope Will Find You"

So I am pondering the same question as I ponder posting this interview, this is a Christian site, why am I putting up an interview promoting a book written by a Rabbi. It’s really simple, I was preparing my home for our newest arrival and The Talk happened to be serving as my background noise. So I missed the introduction where she gave her background and religion. What I heard was a mother talking about her daughter. I heard a story about a little girl praying for strength and the story touched me. Will I read the book? Honestly speaking, I’m not sure. But if you do, I Would love you to leave some feedback.
Hearing the story and then finding out some hours later that she was a Rabbi made me think about what it is that God wants from us. He wants us all to come to Him and be saved and sometimes in order to do that or to understand that He wants salvation for each of us we have these kinds of Human Conditions. Moments where we can see each other like He sees us. When I heard her story it didn’t matter to me at that point who she was. She was a mother who had faced a difficult time, become stagnant in her prayer life and learned valuable life lessons from her child. Including how to pray again. How many of us can relate to that? Because it is a Human Condition and it surpasses all other barriers, just like God’s love for us knows no bounds. The only thing stopping us from receiving it totally is us.
Be Blessed


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