ABC This Week With Christian Amanpour – Civil Roundtable With Rev. Al Sharpton, Eboo Patel, Dr. Richard Land, and Steve and Cokie Roberts


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  1. Cody P. Avatar
    Cody P.

    Another common sense way to tell that the POTUS is not a Christian is to look at the way Israel is being treated, also in his own words the POTUS stated he believes in collective salvation. The only way of salvation for true Christians is the shed blood of Jesus Christ and belief in him.

  2. JeremyQ Avatar

    Is it me or is Dr. Land starting to fall into the same catagory as Pastor Rob Bell? Is he pandering to the masses or is something going on in his ministry that shouldnt be and GOD is causing wisdom and insight to slip through his fingers?!?!?! We all know he is not this stupid. For him to say he thinks Obama is a Christian is obsurd!! Really???????????? Obama is treating this country like a Muslim person would! He shows NO fruit of the spirit and if Dr. Land cant see that then he is a fool! The bible says in the end times ” Even the very elect will be deceived”! What a shame this is. I will pray for his ministry.

  3. Cody P. Avatar
    Cody P.

    Richard Land is wrong!! Common sense tells you that this POTUS is a member of the nation of Islam, if he was not a member/follower wouldn’t Louis Farakan think he was an infidel and hate him? Wouldn’t Mr. Farakan hate Jeremiah Wright the POTUS’s former spiritual adviser? In my opinion Mr. Land does not have the insight to lead a body of true believers. Mr. Land should resign effective immediately for not upholding the infallible unerring word of God.

  4. dr. Lands position should be elimated. It has become a political action agent for the gop. take away the tax exempt status till it goes back to its first love. A sbc member

  5. JeremyQ Avatar

    How Can Richard say he “KNOWS” Obama isnt a muslim? Obamas actions sure arent that of a christian! Forcing DOJ not to defend D.O.M.A. , His stance on abortion!!!!!!!!! I think Dr, Land needs to do a little research befor he gets on tv again and makes himself look like a fool to those who are truely discerning! Oh yea…….. Defend the faith in Jesus! Not the rich. Once again it makes you look foolish. And to think my grandma held you in high standards at First Baptist Dallas?!?!?! Shame on you. I expected MORE, much more from you sir!

  6. Richard Land ought to be fired from leadership of the SBC. He looked like a big fat defender of the rich. His focus should have been as a defender of the truth. He’s certainly no Adrian Rogers. Learn to fast and pray and defend the faith Richard.

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