60 Minutes Vy Higgensen Gospel For Teens Pt. 2 (Video)



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  1. This was truly a great piece. Not just for Vy Higgensen but for the children who participate in her school. It is imperative that we let children know that the positive things they are passionate about are noticed and important. God Bless them all and may they continue to be positive.

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      It was inspiring to watch “at risk ” students sing in the Gospel Choir. I do have a question , however. Aren’t there any “at-risk” musically inclined, White and Asian students who would benefit, for the rest of the lives with this musical training? And some of the Black students come from solid middle class families…..So are not necessarily “Under-privileged?”
      Could an all white Choir exist today? I think not, I haven’t seen one in the urban setting. And shows are generally today cast with an Inter-racial “bent.”
      I think this was an example of reverse discrimination, and that the individual students should have been invited to perform based on their merit, not their skin-color.

      1. Thanks for coming by and commenting. I didn’t see everyone who auditioned however the choir was chosen from those who opted to audition. Therefore if there were no White or Asian teens who auditioned how could they be represented in the choir? Not to mention we only saw one class, so we really don’t know if there are any or not. Probably best not to assume.
        Be Blessed

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        This choir is not just any gospel choir. This particular choir was formed to introduce and help youth continue the tradition and to preserve the art form of Gospel music. A music that most black youth is familiar with-just by virtue of the culture in which they’ve grown up. So, your “theory” of reverse race discrimination is ridiculous.

      3. L. Binns Avatar
        L. Binns

        There must be something in you that wants to keep (some) people down, you don’t want to see people raise up. This was a wonderful story and where I wish to contribute my money and efforts to keep Ms. Vy doing exactly what she is doing in this building of human beings. Heritage is to be respected. Sure we all have tough times and situations but we all have God given talents and we each need to create our foundation on the blessings we have been bestowed. This is some of the absolute greatest talent in all of NYC!

      4. Kimberly Kent Avatar
        Kimberly Kent

        There is no such thing as reverse discrimination. Let’s dispel that lie right now. No race should oppress any group of people to help them create generational wealth as White Americans and Europeans purchased African peoples to do the work on their farms and plantations without fair wages and under duress, rape and other criminal conditions.
        The story of Gospel music has orginated from the oppression of the African slave and the experience of yearning for freedom and the inherent struggle toward that destiny. Therefore it can only be told and fully understood by those of African American descent who continue to be underpriviledged and minority in a society built on the benefits of being White and priviledged. There was nothing to be glorified about not earning a fair wage while being worked from sunrise to sunset without proper nutrition, shelter, education and medical care. What is special about being put in chains and sailed from the homelands of millions of Africans?
        I am grateful for people like Vy and others who look around them and work to help the next generation coming behind us. Children do not have the opton to choose their families, their familial situations. We can all help someone, no matter that ethnic background, for we are all part of the human race. Let’s work together for the good of all persons.
        So, if your daily experience or those of your ancestors has a story – tell it. But, this is our story, our struggle and our pride that the chains of our ancestral history in this land do not define our destinies.
        God bless you.

        1. Thank you ! KimberlynKent “Therefore it can only be told and fully understood by those of African American descent who continue to be underpriviledged and minority in a society built on the benefits of being White and privileged.” No truer words were ever written! Kimberly are you from NJ? Trinity TEmple?

      5. bahminj Avatar

        In Ms. Higgins words ..It was not about saving the teens ..its about preserving our music… the Negro gospel..spirituals.

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