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  1. Shaky Jake Jones Avatar
    Shaky Jake Jones

    Pastor Vernon is outstanding in the way that he breaks down the Word with his sermons. I listen to all of his TV sermons. He is truly gifted and a man of God. His living messages are the best thing for a dying world. He breaks it down where everyone could understand it, if they want to understand it. Keep up the outstanding work Pasoer Vernon!
    Shaky Jake Jones

  2. Pastor T. Desmuke Avatar
    Pastor T. Desmuke

    Oh, one more thing that the Lord just put on my heart before i exit. To Neaven ( i don’t know what gender you are), but don’t let the enemy use this tatic on you as your excuse to remain in the world and unsaved. Salvation is yours for the asking, not a man, religion, or thing other than your belief in Jesus Christ! Because on that great day of judgement you will be standing by yourself before the Father and the Lamb and this excuse will not keep you from a life of damnation in eternal fire! I pray for you that the Lord will change your mind and reside in your life through you own personal experience through Him! Be blessed… ( I know your response was from March of this year 2011, but just in case, that’s my gift to you)!!!!

  3. As a member of The Word Church, I must say that while Dr. Vernon make shock you at times with how he presents things he preaches the Word. He is a pastor that doesn’t “PLAY” CHURCH. He is about saving the lost soul and I agre that to flip this saying is ingenious. Why do ppl go out of their way to criticize men of God. Jesus didn’t play by the rules either. No, he never said “FU”, but Jesus repeatedly bucked against religious views. Dr. Vernon saying this wont keep ppl out of church or the will of God. The religious condemning “Christians” are handling that just fine. I was raised in the church and I am relishing the honesty, openness, and realness oozing from his messages.

    1. Pastor T. Desmuke Avatar
      Pastor T. Desmuke

      Very interesting comments from all who have posted. From the undecided, to the for sure (or shall i say the “fo sho”), and to the objectors. However, in this day and age we as christians must pull out all of the stops for the sake of everlasting life with Jesus. For our children, love ones, and those we care about without loosing the foundation of christianity. I am a pastor out of Arkansas and I will tell you that I love the way Pastor Vernon relates to the youth and his tatics in doing so. The enemy is pulling out all of the stops, so why should we not do the same for the sake of the church and the name of Jesus. For those saying that they don’t agree because they feel we (church, christians, etc…) should be and remain holy, i got news for you, we are holy! Even though sayings like “FU” in the world would be meant in a negative way, we can turn it around and show that this can be meant for good, because forgiveness is what free’s. Jesus forgives us for our sins and transgressions through His name and believeth in Him. So the proof is in the puddle and I being a young pastor, fully support this annoited man of God. I choose to follow in his footsteps and in his methodology. Because even though people think it’s too radical, well tell us, is not the world and it’s tatics radical, bold, and unfearing! So we must take up the cost, take up our cross, and be radical, bold, and unfearing for the name of Christ Jesus! All i have to say is preach and go forth man of God! Keep up the great work in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

  4. Loris Kitcher Avatar
    Loris Kitcher

    No, I do not think that Dr.Vernon is too radical.In the times that we are living in today,there needs to be more clarification where young and old people can all go to a place to hear there word because it’s a spiritual warfare going on……….

    About reaching people! Yeah right! U approach a sinner and say FU and see what they do to you… about flip it!
    FU IS profanity and you cannot alter that for it is grafted into the world already and it’s mindset- so saying it to them will not induce a positive reaction.
    You cannot use a sinners ways to draw them to Christ -that doesn’t make sense plus only the Holy Spirit can draw a person and us walking around with FU on our backs does not help, nor present a positive image of us!
    HA! You go out and try it and see if they don’t box you one!

  6. sold out Avatar
    sold out

    This is why so many people do not fool with christianity. This is some foolishness and it is not appropriate. I watch R A Vernon from time to time. He has has preached some good messages. However, he goes to far sometimes. We do not need to bring the world in and its filthy language into to the churc h to save people. Just preach the gospel, live the gospel, and love people. You do not need some stupid, worldly gimmick to intrigue people.

  7. Did you know that Pastor Vernon will be at the following conference this month? As well as TD Jakes, Jamal Bryant, Michael Pipps and Edgar Vann it should be GREAT Check out the details here

  8. After listening to this, I asked my self what is the purpose for me to become a Christian. If this is how preachers preach the word of GOD, I rather stay out here in this world.What is the difference? I may not live as a Christian but atleast I have enough sense to not play with God.

    1. Thanks for coming by and commenting. I pray that you reconsider your position. Preachers will use many different “Styles/techniques” to get a message out. Some can be more comedic some more Fire and brimstone. I really hope that you won’t let the particular style of this preacher keep you from having a personal relationship with God. Please don’t depend on the words or actions of another to determine where and with whom you will spend and eternity. Pray on it, read the Bible and get to know God for yourself. There are a million churches and preachers but only One God and one Word and He is waiting for you.
      Sent in the spirit of Love, Be Blessed

  9.  Avatar

    His message on forgiving is a needed word. Since FU has been used to mean something so bad, why would he express something so pure and holy with the same phrase? What’s wrong with just using the word that is printed in the Holy Word “forgive”. Let’s bring the world up to God’s standard, not take the church down to the world’s standard.

    1. Very well stated. I like the way you expressed your opinion but kept it in a spirit of love. Be blessed

      1. Good point. Yet, at times I believe in the spirit of communication – best way for a speaker is to meet it’s listener at “eye-level.” I appreciate the Reverend’s message.. and am more than happy to share it.

        1.  Avatar

          God’s Word is so strong and powerful it’s sharper than any two-edged swords. That sounds like His unadultared Word can penitrate the stony of hearts. Sometimes Pastors have been in the world and get saved and still have some world in them. And sometimes they are trying to use cute phrases or the shock factor. But if they would stay in their secret closets with the Lord, He will give them the appropriate words to us. Believe me God’s words do not lack power. Use them under the anointing and watch the yokes break. I don’t agree that the best way is to come down to their level at the expense of being offensive. God is all sufficient, all powerful, all knowning, He (Word) is more than enough. I agree with the other comment. If the church looks like the world, why go to church. Come on Pastors, clean up the church.

          1. Good point. However it then raises a question for me. How do you reach those who are not where you are if you don’t talk to them where they are. He is not using profanity, he is simply using something that we have allowed to take on a negative connotation and giving it a positive one. I am not saying i agree or disagree with his sermon, I haven;t heard the entire thing. However, if Jesus went and hung out with prostitutes, drunks etc to save them, how did he speak to them? Did he speak in a way that would make him appear to be elitist or did he speak to them from a position that they would understand. Just interested in keeping the conversation going as I feel we could uncover some very important points from both positions if we dig a little deeper. Again all comments are welcome.
            Forgiveness can be such a huge concept to embrace for those of us who were “Born” believers. However imagine how difficult it could be for someone who is out in the world, it might need to broken down into small digestible, relate-able parts. Thoughts?
            Be Blessed

          2. Your statements are confused and conflicting. One would not know who you are referring to or commenting on. The subject matter is do you think RA Vernon is too radical with his way of teaching? You never answered the question and I guess you went to preaching and you still did not say anything, well at least I am not understanding the point you are trying to make. Forgive me, or rather FU because I need clarity on your comments. To Dr. Vernon: Keep letting God use you, the world needs to be shocked into Godality which is the true reality.

    2. Barbara Avatar

      Thats just what he did have you forgotten Jesus went where he needed to go and said what he had to say this is the twenty first century if he had said it in greek or hebrew would you have understood him i love pastor Vernon he has made a big impact in my life and had he not use the method that he did i dont know where i would be God bless and keep him and you should quite always looking for the worst and look for the best i f- forgive you and God does to why did you hide who you where Pastor tells you every time you see him he is a nobody trying to tell somebody that Jesus saves now that what important.

  10. F U….F all yall!

  11. What do you think? Did he go too far? Who is to say that the other def of FU is anymore correct than his?

    1. Alvenia S. Hutton Avatar
      Alvenia S. Hutton

      No, he went where many are scared to go, and he FLIPPED IT. He’s a radical, some can’t handle that, yet many need it. He was not created to sooth, but to heal. Using the gifts God gave him, he is very effective and successful in his ministies. May our Father continue to bless and keep him.

    2. kimberly kellam Avatar
      kimberly kellam

      i love it, he keeps it real

    3. calvin e durden sr Avatar
      calvin e durden sr

      Did he go to far no he didnt why is it that these so called entertainers can sing what they want too in degrading women and authorities and when a man or woman of God says something they are critized fo it Well its because the WORD of GOD cuts to the core I for one love Pastor Vernon and will continue to follow him as he follows Jesus

      1. All i need to say is Your Pastor needs holy spirit. HE brought F word in church…i dont care what he meant but…he went overboard with the word. He really needs to fill with the Holy spirit. and To the belivers who attend that church, get out fast from that church. this is the end times so people will try to fool you. I think the belivers are spriritually blind who attend that chruch. You guys needs to kick that pastor out.. i dont even think he is really a man of God. Do something ast before it is tooo late ..Jesus is coming sooon. Please share the true word of God with that so called Pastor Vermon or he will be left behind for saying all these non sense to his belivers.

        1. Jason Pastor Vernon is truly a blessed man, also who made you his judge I guess you haven’t looked around huh? Pastor Vernon has done sone so much for cleaveland, ect.
          I can say that as well man because I am outside the box not stuck in side a collage like
          Bob Jones university witch is a cult in greenville south carolina I know ya might never heard of it if ya check this out man theres a investigation going on right now, I highly think that theres nothing wrong at all with Pastor R A Vernon and if ya need more insite about Bob Jones heres the site it bju.com or bju.org now theres crazy!!! for ya man can’t even go to the movies also its a IBF collage witch stands for independent fundamental church check out the all the videos you make the call???

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