American Idol Goes To Church, Contestant Stefano Langone Sings I Need You Now By Smokie Norful


If you missed it, take 2.5 minutes and listen to the young man. “I’m singing for my life” says Stefano Langone survivor of an accident involving a drunk driver that left him wheelchair bound for some time.
So what do you think. I felt like he said he was singing for his life.
Be Blessed

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  1. jack

    it was so beautiful

  2. Yanaboo

    He did what so many would be too scared to do!
    God bless him.

  3. MrsJones

    Loved it! And given his background–hit by a drunk driver, I think the song has even more meaning for him than just getting on American Idol.

    1. RiverAngel42

      I agree, he did a wonderful job and he appeared to have opened himself up and let out all he had in him. It was a welcomed change to some of the stuff they sing.

  4. Barry Joslin

    Yes – that moment was unlike I have ever seen on Idol. I watched it over and over, and then went and bought the MP3 of the original. Didn’t know that song before last night; now I will never forget it. Didn’t care too much about Stefano; now I am a fan.

    1. RiverAngel42

      It is a great song. If you haven’t heard it before perhaps you would enjoy browsing through our gospel category. There are lots of great songs in there, including a video of Smokie Norful singing the song and other songs of his as well. If you are ever in the mood to buy another MP3 be sure to check out our music search it will take you to whatever you are looking for in amazon,, as well as offer suggestions.
      Be Blessed and come visit us again soon!

      1. Barry Joslin

        Thanks! I will! I didn’t know about your site till today. Love it. God bless!

        1. RiverAngel42

          Thank you, I visited your site also. Very nice it appears you all are very busy doing God’s work and also educating which is so essential to walking a Christian life. Do you by chance offer any web classes?

  5. Lateesha Thomas

    Just Beautiful! Pastor Smokie Norful is actually my pastor and he would have been proud. This was just amazing

  6. Anonymous

    I love stefano

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