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Jermaine Johnson Romans 8:19

This is a business about showing, not selling. Marketing Pre-Paid Legal is about sharing the membership with those you talk with every day. As a Pre-Paid Legal Independent Associate, you’ll more than likely find your efforts directed more at educating and explaining the service rather than convincing people to buy something they feel they may not need.
Regardless of your background or education level, this is a business that can work for you. Pre-Paid Legal Associates come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds…
* Education
* Real Estate
* Direct Sales
* Advertising
* Insurance
* Accountants
* Law Enforcement
* Printing
* Stay-at-home Parents
* Postal Employees
* Students
* And others…

Will I receive support and training?

YES! Our Certified Field Training program is designed to give you “hands on” experience in learning how to present the membership and share the opportunity with others.
What would I actually be doing?
A number of marketing options are available to fit your lifestyle and schedule, but in a nutshell:
1. You show others the Pre-Paid Legal plan.
2. You sign them up.
3. You send the enrollment to the corporate office for processing.
4. You can get paid every day.
When the membership information is received, commissions are deposited into your bank account. This is not another “get rich quick” scheme. But, if you submit new business every day, you can get paid every day!
Commissions are paid daily as membership sales are made. Daily direct deposit is available upon request.

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