Mary Mary New Release – Something Big! Listen to it here!

Who heard the new release as it came out on Twitter last night? I missed it! Well, you know the routine, take a listen and tell us what you think!
Something Bigger by Mary Mary Music
Something Big will be released March 29, 2011! That is a really big day in our household, so it should be easy for me to remember.
Be Blessed
Also keep in mind, even though we have the song on our site it is still important to support the artist by purchasing their music.  So that we can continue to enjoy everything that they do!

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  1. B

    I love this single, I can’t wait to get the album. It’s supposed to be out March 29!

  2. sexi gurl

    mannn luv mary mary so much they are mi idol

  3. gnt

    yeah it was cool

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