Canton Jones Explains "In Da Club" (Video)



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  1. rawbizzle Avatar

    This explanation falls way FLAT! And your other joint “Switch it UP” really puts you out there. You done crossed over brah. (Lyrics like: who is this cat that came up all of a sudden? we need to move slick like serpents? we gotta leave the four walls of the chruch? take the gospel to the darkness? if the world really knew “pur business they would be convinced that they really are christians? under cover brother Eddie Griffin ) You’ve Switched it up alright–for what? Hell. even your Dominonaire Cover is Black and Red Homie! and your album broke out on 2.1.2011?
    Done. Peace CaJo…..imma pray for you while I miss. Tell Mary Mary Kirk and Deitrick I said wassup too.

  2. Katya Avatar

    I have to agree with sherea, ive been buying and supporting your music for years, I starting questioning alot of your bragadocious music because we as christians are called to be humble. Your in the club joint is a thin linebetween blending in with the world. Especially when not everyone can hear your explanation of why you wrote it
    not everyone dissects music lyrics when listening to songs so your message ess to be clear in the three minutes you have to present it. You should focus on getting Gods respect not the respect of the people and the music they may expect you to make.
    This is all said with love because you are amazingly talented, so give back to Him that have it to u

  3. Sherea Atkins Avatar
    Sherea Atkins

    Brother Canton. I have been an avid supporter of your for years. I love your music and from Passwords, I have I bought your music for my kids and youth in church as an alternative to HIP/HOP. Unfortunately, I’m noting in most of your recent music, there is no dividing line that separates you from the world. There is an unholy mixture. At one point your songs and the lyrics really represented a kingdom mindset. However, the compromise is causing your music to become less and less kingdom and more and more the world. I’m seeing this same compromise in Mary Mary and other “gospel” artist. But, I believe the as you continue to press into the Holy Ghostt and increase your time in prayer in theHoly Ghost, conviction will come and you and your music will return to the pure sound that God intended you to release in the earth. God is not lacking in his creative abilities that he would have his people draw from the world. Instead, he will have them looking to us and trying to mimic the sounds coming from us. We are to establish kingdom culture even in music with ABSOLUTELY NO COMPROMISE OR MIXTURE. Trust the Holy Ghost to birth the sounds in you and you can’t lose my brother.

    1. Kanisha Avatar

      i also agree with you sister sherea atkins as a teen i like his music but it just kinda bothers me on how hes mostly singing about his cars the THE LORD JESUS CHRIST i love your comment GOD BLESS!

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