Westboro Church To Protest Elizabeth Edwards Funeral (Video and Flyer, press release)

All I can bring myself to say is, What A Shame! Do they believe that this is the Heart of God?


(Take note of their supporting websites below)

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  1. Shalawn

    This is an abuse of Freedom of Speech. It is disrespectful to protest at anyone’s funeral. This makes me angry so I will refrain from saying anything else on this topic.

    1. RiverAngel42

      Trust me I understand. It is frightening because we have this misguided belief that the Extrememist from foreign countries are our only enemies, but we have some home grown enemies that are way more frightening to me. So many “Christians” act like we can’t understand how other religious groups can have a segment of people who call themselves the same thing act outside the beliefs of their religion, we want to lump them all together. Then we have have folks who call themselves “Christians” and behave like this.

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