Level 3:16 – Know Him (Song and Lyrics)



You can know Him like I know Him/ In my heart I hold Him/ Shows me love and affection/ He’s my protection, He’s such a blessing/ He is (The Son of God), He is (The Lamb that died)/ He is (The Bread of Life), He is (it’s Jesus Christ)/ He is (The Holy Spirit, I really hope you hear it)/ I’m just introducing (Jesus)/

First question, I am requesting/ Do you know the Lord Christ as your best friend?/ John 15/ I’m more than a servant I’m just commenting/ How He brought me in/ Colossians 2, He bought me sins/ Yes, now I’m free up in the Savior/ Following that light, got me lookin in the manger/ To be wise, I’m lifting up my eyes/ Cause He’s sitting next to God, who I’m tryna make famous/ I, I just wanna make Him famous/ Nothing you can do, even Obama couldn’t change this/ And He’s the God of ages/ He gives life without you entering them cages/ Man, do you read the pages/ If you do, tell me what scripture is your favorite?/ Could it be John 3:16?/ Let me know something, homie, I’m listening/ Mine’s Matthew 6, the whole passage/ Tattooed, sticks to my heart/ Resides where my treasure is/ God, I try to bring Him pleasure/ His rod and staff give me comfort/ Knowing I’m insured for life, bumper to bumper/


VERSE 2 (Chris T.):
You can know God just like I know Him/ You ain’t gotta be rich or well-spoken/ You ain’t gotta dress up for Him to notice you/ He wants you broken, He’s knocking at the door/ All you gotta do is open up/ See me and God used to be rivals/ I used to be embarrassed to even carry a Bible/

Out in public, I know it sounds crazy/ That’s the way I was, but now look at how He changed me/ I used to hate goin up in church/ Trying to comprehend, but couldn’t understand a word/ That he was saying, so I started praying/ Was it me or did this man speak a foreign language?/ But yet again that’s where I was at/ But look at how the Lord can come through and fix a flat/ He fixed me up and sent me off with the Truth/ He changed me and He can do the same thing for You/


VERSE 3 (K-Mase):
You see the way that I’m livin/ Yes, I rep Christ and I know what you’re thinking/ “That’s really different, don’t really get it/ I could never be like that”/ You’re still wondering/ “Is He really real, cause I’m struggling”/ Things could be so much better/ Let me introduce you/ Maybe you know a lot about Him/ But you’re still living life without Him/ Give it up/ Just surrender/ Once you let go/

Your desire to know Him will grow/ Then you’ll see that/ He’s the center/

He is/ He is/ He is/ The Son of God/ The Lamb that died/ The Bread of Life/ It’s Jesus Christ

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