Mary Mary – Walking (New Release)

The newest Mary Mary Album “Something Big” is set to be released February 1, 2011. I am sure if the other songs are anything like this it will not disappoint Mary Mary fans at all. Check it out and tell us what you think, now I tend to be a more traditional gospel listener but this one kind of made me tap my foot (Ok i did more than a little tap). Its interesting that they have a sort of Detroit/Chicago house music sound to this song. I can say this, I am sure this will get mixed reviews. Well listen and leave a comment!

Be Blessed,

Regardless ladies, Blessings to you on your upcoming release. Folks will be able to find the MP3s here as soon as they are out!


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  1. Lawrence Avatar

    I’m more of a laid back, mellow guy… this is right up my alley. I could ride to this on a Saturday night. I’m 28, so of course I am a little biased to the contemporary style, as opposed to the old school. But i like the “sound” and the message. I can definitely dig this.

  2. Great Song & I can relate to the Lyrics

  3. At first, I didnt think the song was an EXCELLENT choice when I heard gospel radio playing it but since I found this site I gave the song a second listen. It’s not a worship song or shout unto God song, but I can listen to this in my car. I was in Bestbuy and I heard the song GET UP being played over the entire store so I bought the album. I can imagine that many people who visited the store wanted to know who sang it. Secular radio played GOD IN ME like it was a hip hop joint. That tracked was well received by people who dont even listen to gospel music. This is what ministry is about now; creating good wholesome music that lets people know that God loves you no matter what and that you can be proud of the God in you.

    1. Al,
      You are correct. I love Mary Mary and their outreach to the world. I am glad to hear christian music of radio, even if they are not christian stations. The LORD can still work through it.

  4. Beautiful song, great message and wonderful lyrics

  5. on my birthday I will get that walking may

  6. Oh I am feeling this song … nice!!! And the new CD’s release is the day before my birthday??? Yes I will get it!!!

  7. I love Mary Mary to death and this is why. Some people just hear the music and think that it’s R&B. Gospel artist and R&B artist sample each other’s music all the time. It is the message that’s in the song. I’m Walking. They just did a song on their last album called I’m running, and if I can’t walk then I’ll crawl, get back up if I fall. Now they are saying I’m walking, one step at a time. Before you can run, you must walk. It’s uplifting and it’s gets you back into the feeling of music. I fell in love with these women when they came out with shackles. They are the best duo period and they send a direct message to us that it was nobody but Jesus Christ that brought them as far as they came.

  8. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY SICK!!!!!! Production, lyrics and vocals are an awesome offering to encourage the Kingdom on their day to day what-nots! I was so upset to find out this single was not available yet!

    Clearly, Mary Mary has once again used their talents feed and uplift His sheep! I am confident the Father is proud and pleased!

  9. I LOOOOVVVVVE this song!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  10. i love mary mary and i am thrilled to know that they are coming out with a new album best of luck and God bless

  11. I love it. Nice positive easy vibe especially for those of us who get wrapped up in obligations,deadlines,tasks,etc.and become overwhelmed from time to time with the fast pace that life sometimes brings..It’s good to know, in words of Kanye West that “Jesus Walks”.. Thank you Mary Mary.

    1. It’s good to see we are starting to get some balance on the comments. Thanks for coming by and leaving your thoughts with us. Please feel free to come again.

  12. I think the message is inspirational..I make mistakes and get back up! I am biased because I am a big Mary Mary fan.

    1. Well for all you Mary Mary fans be sure to come by tomorrow and talk with them during their live chat!
      Follow this link!

      1. thtiz amazin i luvvvv marymary

  13. I didn’t like it too much either. it could be better.. it does seem like they are having fun with the music rather than making music thats touching and fun at the same time this is kinda laid back.. just my opinion and i’m NOT judging.

    1. Honest opinions is what counts the most. I love it though.God bless you, and i LOVE the Marys.

  14. NOT A FAN. This is barely an album track, let alone a the first single of a new album that should have been out a long time ago. They’re last album was so progressive and fun. This one seems like they are taking a back seat and just taking it easy. Nothing challenging sonically or spiritually.

    1. Hi Jason,
      Thanks for coming by and giving us your honest opinion. I have been wondering what type of responses people might have.
      I stopped by your site as well. Very talented keep up the good work and if you have anything you would like us to post, don’t hesitate to send it our way (Send it to our feedback page and we will get it).
      Be Blessed

    2. Hi , I am a big Mary Mary , sorry you are not feeling the album. What I have heard so far , I believe it is going to be a great album. But your honest opinion is what Mary Mary wants. Maybe it will grow on you.(lol) God bless you.

    3. i don’t care what you think i think that your just jealous but you need to get over yourself because their last album was great and this one will be even BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS

      1. LOL. Its funny you think Im jealous and I dont think im better than anyone. I just know that this didn’t excite me. I am not saying it wont excite others. I love great Christian music and I love to see artist progress. i.e I love the new Israel & New Breed Album Love God. Love People. As well as the new Tye Tribbett album Fresh. I do hope that the rest of this album is as good or better than their last, I just dont think this “single” should have been a single.

    4. I agree with you. The song doesn’t sound like a lead single and it isn’t as hard hitting as Get Up but it’s a good song. They just seem a little too laid back and it’s making me think the rest of the album is gonna be laid back as well but I am a still a huge Mary Mary fan. They are my favorite and I’m still picking up the CD when it comes out!

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