Who Is Wess Morgan? Interview With Monique (Video)

Ok! I know I am not the only one who hears Wess Morgan sing and wonder where he got all that soul from. Admit it, when you are in your car and hear his voice it takes you a second to realize that he is not Black. I know for me it’s usually around the time he says, “I choose to worship” and that’s only because at that point I can picture his face. So I needed to know more about him, what his background was, where he came from. What I found was an interview he had done with BET’s Torrence. I think it answered a good bit of my questions. Wess Morgan had some serious addiction problems in his past, which he discusses in some detail in this video (just wanted to give a heads up to those with young ears and eyes around).

At any rate black white or green he is blessed with a wonderful gift. Keep using it Wess and I am glad you chose to worship and to walk away from the things you had done in your past!