Pastor Donnie McClurkin to Host GMC’s 2011 Stellar Awards Nominee Show

This special Stellar Awards Show will announce the nominees and have concert performances. The event will air Sat. Oct. 23 at 8 PM ET and will be hosted by Pastor Donnie McClukrin.

As we know the list of performers that are already scheduled to perform are as follows: Joe Pace (And We Are Glad), Lucinda Moore (Fire Baptized), Jessica Reedy (God Has Smiled On Me), Vashawn Mitchell (Nobody Greater), and Bishop Neal Robinson (I Believe). [ad]


2 responses to “Pastor Donnie McClurkin to Host GMC’s 2011 Stellar Awards Nominee Show”

  1. Elaine McBride Avatar
    Elaine McBride

    2011 Stellar Award, Hosted by Pastor Donald McClurkin, was just wonderfully and marvelously the best,my first time there,and it was the Highlights of the evening,and Pastor Donald is one of the greatest Host in that kind of arena… The Stellar Award is worth going to..And your money is worth the while..The Proformances of the Stars were just phonemonally geniune…

    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed it so much. Who was our favorite performer?

      Be Blessed

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