Christiane Amanpour – This Week: Should We Fear Islam? 2



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  1. Jim Covington Avatar
    Jim Covington

    I also strongly applaud Christiane Amanpour and ABC for gathering together these people to discuss and debate whether Americans should fear Islam. I urge you to continue to provide this kind of public debate, listening and discussion.

    I believe the only knowledge or association most Americans have in regard to Islam is that in the name of Islam and Allah, 3000 human beings, including Muslims, were obliterated. In the name of Islam, subsequent bombings occurred in Europe. Hence the idea of a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero feels reprehensible to many. This is understandable, given that most references in the media concern radical Islam and its threats of death to the American infidel. In ignorance of Islam, Americans are alarmed and fearful. This must be addressed by the Muslim community. Americans need to hear more Imams speaking publicly about the principles of Islam as well as its stand against radical Islam and terrorist activities.

    I do believe however, that the present outcry and debate can serve as a teaching opportunity. American Muslims can help Americans more peacefully assimilate Islam into our culture. In the process the fear of many Americans can be relieved if they can be reassured that the majority of American Muslims view their faith as peaceful and compassionate. But more dialogue must be pursued because of the 9/11 association most Americans still hold and the distrust they still feel against the Islamic faith.

    I propose that:

    1. The American Islamic community pursue every opportunity to validate and sympathize with Americans’ consummate fear and grief since 9/11.

    2. The American Islamic community absolutely condemn radical Islam and publicly reject acts of terror in the name of Allah.

    3. More effort be given to clarify the differences among Islamic sects especially noting the beliefs of Sufi Islam and how you interpret the scriptures of the Quran, especially its violent references against the infidel.

    4. The Cordoba Initiative must actively explain to the general public how your Cultural Center will serve the community, work for peace and foster understanding between all religious faiths.

    More education and communication needs to be done before the Cordoba Center is built. I believe this process I have suggested above will at least serve as our best chance to win the hearts and minds of more Americans who may then unite and support a mosque near Ground Zero and see it as a victorious symbol of our Constitutional strengths and the value we place on freedom of religious faith. Respectfully……

  2. I strongly applaud Christiane Amanpour and ABC for gathering together these people to discuss and debate whether Americans should fear Islam. The one important aspect of such a debate which was conspicuously absent was any discussion of the lives and teachings of Jesus Christ and the Prophet Muhammad. A close look at the lives and teaching of these two men, born about 600 years apart, helps of clarify what true Christianity and true Islam are and what their most and fundamentalist followers are trying to accomplish in the modern world. There was also very little discussion of the Koran, which has over 100 verses that refer to jihad and violence against non-Muslims. We need such dicussions to take place again. What was broadcast today cannot be the end of this debate.

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