Christine O’Donnell – I Dabbled Into Witchcraft


After watching the interview, then reading this:
“Tea Party backed, US Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell says, What those statements (homosexuality, condoms, etc) are about is in my 20’s I had newfound faith and I looked at going on those shows as a ministry,” she said of her television appearances. “My faith has matured and now it’s the Constitution that will determine how I decide on what crosses my desk.” I’m not sure which one concerns me most.

What are your thoughts? To me she seems as if she is all over the place. Do you feel comfortable with a person who “Dabbled in witchcraft” potentially “Dabbling” in our lives? I just find it interesting that there are people who have seen the President go to church and pray with his family and they still are up in arms claiming he is Muslim. Yet this candidate is backed by the Tea Party and its like “ok laugh it off you once worshiped the devil”. Well at least now she is saying that she is a Christian. My concern isn’t directed towards judging her Christendom, that’s God’s job, it just seems the Tea Party folk seem to be somewhat hypocritical about the issue.


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