Pastor William Murphy and Dietrich Haddon – We Worship You

Look No Further. Download “We Worship You” Right Here!


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  1. James and Julia Avatar
    James and Julia

    We saw Blessed and Cursed, and we cried, we laugh. The movie have a message for all of God’s people. Minister Dietrich Haddon singing are life circumstances. We love his worship music. We are going to puchase as much as we can. I love He’s Able, but I love We worship You.

    We wish he could come to Alta Mesa Park Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. He blesses us.

    1. I can’t wait to see it I actually think it is coming on TV soon. If it wasn’t this past Saturday. At any rate we found the MP3 and added it to this post so that you can download the song from here if you like.

      So glad you came by and commented. Please do so again! Also if you ever have a request just let us know!
      Be Blessed

      PS This is one of our favorites also!

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