The Lexi Show – Tonex Interview Pt. 3



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  1. What I find most unfortunate is the fact that a person like Tonex, that is in fact such a public figure, doesn’t just take himself down. He gave hundreds of thousands of unassuming children [and adults for that matter] “permission” to do what they want to do. It’s one thing to be solo on a sinking ship, but what do you do when everyone goes down with the ship?

    This is why it’s critical that we monitor who we esteem, and who we “allow” to drive/lead. Accountability is key. I agree totally with Melody. Sin is sin, but this cat is taking this thing a bit far. Prayin’.

  2. Oh my…I agree sin is sin, but Tonex is skating around homosexuality being a sin at all. That’s where I feel he is in error. Sure, the church should treat sin as sin, no matter what it is, but to try to make same-sex “covenant” right, is out of God’s order. If he agrees God made woman for man and vice-versa, what’s the other stuff about? I’m confused.

    Well, I pray for Tonex that the Lord speaks to him more directly from His word on the matter. I pray that the Lord bless and keep him as well. He is a gifted artist and musician. I just think he’s trying to make up his own brand of the truth. That is dangerous. We can’t change the statutes of God based on how we “feel.”

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