Bishop Charles E. Blake presents The West Angeles COGIC Mass Choir – Lord Prepare Me



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  1. My Name is Jeff Cottrell and on Sunday August 2nd 2009, I went racing with my seven year old son at the local Motocross track in Dayton Ohio and I had a violent crash off a seventy foot jump… and was rushed off to the hospital not breathing and turning blue. I reportedly was a multi trauma victim, with 7 broken ribs and a collapsed punctured lung. The next day on Monday, I started crying out to God to help me! That I was dying and he told me to start praying for myself at 10:30 and I did. At that time God healed my broken ribs and my lung instantly! I took a deep breath for the first time… WOW!!! I started Praising God for my Healing!!! Amen! My FAITH went to an all NEW LEVEL and I SHOUTED… to everyone that walked in my room, I’M HEALED IN JESUS NAME!!! I Prayed for everyone that came in my room, doctors, nurses and fellow patients, everyone. I walked out of the hospital at 10:30 on Thursday. Our company had helped sponsor a house built in local Beavercreek, Ohio for the popular TV program Extreme Home Makeover. Because of God’s healing powers I was there to help Ty move that bus! On that same Thursday night when I got home, I went and watched my 7 year old play soccer.

    When I got home that night from his game my pain was off the charts (10 +). God told me NOT to take any pain medicine, to TRUST him and let him heal me all the way… I called a Pastor friend Arvin and asked him to Pray with me, because I was in terrible pain. After Prayer, I went to sleep… On Friday morning, God woke me up at 2am and had me turn on the TBN network. (I also never turned it off, the whole time in the hospital) as I watched and started Praying with them on TV, it felt like a thousand degrees rolling up off my chest and the PAIN was leaving my body. Then he told me to get up and ride my Gold Wing motorcycle, to my dear friend Pastor Leo’s church in Lima Ohio about an hour in a half away, which I did. When I walked in, Pastor Leo said Brother Jeff how are you doing? I started SHOUTING I’m HEALED IN JESUS’ NAME and started testifying to his church. At the end of his service, a man came up to me and said what was going on between 2 and 5, I told him I was coming off my pain medicine. He started telling me about having the worst pain in his chest to his head that he had ever felt in his life. He thought he was dying from a massive heart attack and he cried out to God in prayer, was he dying? God said NO, I need you to Pray for a man. This man birthed my pain for three hours! After telling me that, he gave me his business card… the name on his card was J & C Carpentry. WOW!!! JESUS CHRIST was a Carpenter… GOD always gives you confirmation to his word… Amen! He rose me in three days, out of the hospital and told me to go tell the WORLD what he had just done for me!!! “Praise GOD with NO Pain Medicine”

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