Bishop Walter Hawkins- Marvelous (Live)



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  2. RiverAngel42 Avatar

    Thanks for stopping by Nehemiah, Florence Choir will have to do a Tribute Melody. When you do please let me know so I can post here. It was truly a blessing to have a man of God with such talent leave behind such a vast array of God’s music. He will be missed. Our prayers and condolences to those he left behind.

    What a blessing that you got to interact with him. Do you have any of his sermons.

  3. Nehemiah Brown Avatar
    Nehemiah Brown

    I am speechless…. He was my pastor when I moved to California.. Attending Love Center under his pastorship on Sunday morning was like stepping onto a spaceship…an experience..that took you out of this world!!! I celebrate his life..but his voice and writing will be missed… “Goin’ Up Yonder”, Never Alone and He’s that Kind of Friend are classic Walter Hawkins compositions…
    Nehemiah Brown

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