Bishop Walter Hawkins- Marvelous (Live)


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  1. Nehemiah Brown

    I am speechless…. He was my pastor when I moved to California.. Attending Love Center under his pastorship on Sunday morning was like stepping onto a spaceship…an experience..that took you out of this world!!! I celebrate his life..but his voice and writing will be missed… “Goin’ Up Yonder”, Never Alone and He’s that Kind of Friend are classic Walter Hawkins compositions…
    Nehemiah Brown

  2. RiverAngel42

    Thanks for stopping by Nehemiah, Florence Choir will have to do a Tribute Melody. When you do please let me know so I can post here. It was truly a blessing to have a man of God with such talent leave behind such a vast array of God’s music. He will be missed. Our prayers and condolences to those he left behind.

    What a blessing that you got to interact with him. Do you have any of his sermons.

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