2010 Book List- Worship Beyond Sunday Morning, Rev. Allyson Nelson Abrams

Written by the Pastor of Zion Progress Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan.

Worship Beyond Sunday Morning was written to encourage God’s people to make worship a daily part of their lives. It explains the need for private worship in addition to corporate worship. Dr. Abrams is intentional in presenting worship that occurs on Sundays during the assembly of the saints and thus discussing the elements that assist the worshipers to enter into God’s presence through song and proclamation. However, she distinguishes the difference between ritual worship and true worship that pleases God. Worship Beyond Sunday Morning presents the format of private worship through prayers that call on the name of God that describe God’s character. Dr. Abrams suggests that there are by-products of worship, which occur in the lives of the believers as a result of their worship unto God. Worship Beyond Sunday Morning will surely enlighten everyone who reads it and ignite a fire that will cause them to begin and commit to Worship – Beyond Sunday Morning.


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