The Daniel Fast

Many churches are participating in the Daniel Fast during the Lenten season. I know many have heard of the fast but how many of you have actually tried it? In the book of Daniel there are at least two instances where Daniel fasted, the first was Daniel 1:8-14 where he and three friends fasted for ten days to see who would be healthier them or those who had the Babylonian diet. The second was Daniel 10:2-3 where he fasted for 21 days in mourning. By these examples it seems as though the length of time is not what is important as much as the prayer, dedication and diet.

If you are fasting be it the Daniel fast or any other. Please remember to pay attention to your body. Many sources state to confirm with your Dr. before beginning a lengthy fast. If you are on the Daniel Fast or have given anything up for Lent, please feel free to come by here and let us know how you are doing or if you need prayer support. We want to know how you are doing. I can’t join you in fasting this year but my prayers are with you. Also remember your focus should be on God not on the fast itself, don’t let it become a roadblock.

Here is the information on The Daniel Fast that I have found. I will try to post some recipes later.

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The Daniel Fast
The Daniel Fast restricts normal food intake by eliminating many foods commonly eaten to satisfy our appetites. During the Daniel Fast you will experience a sense of hunger and a sense of sacrifice.

Types of foods included in the Daniel Fast:

  • Vegetables, preferably fresh or frozen vegetables. Vegetables such as potatoes, beans and soybeans will help provide substance.
  • Pure Fruit Juices or fruit (no sweetened drinks or sweetened fruit): apple juice, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice.
  • It is advisable to take vitamin, mineral and possibly protein supplements during the fast. You may also include various nuts to serve as a protein supplement.

Foods NOT included in this Daniel Fast:

  • Sugar and sugar products (desserts, soft drinks, etc.)
  • Drinks including caffeine (coffee, tea, etc.)
  • Meats, fish, poultry, dairy products, eggs

Foods to Avoid in Daniel Fast recipes:

  • caffeine, carbonated soft drinks, milk, cheese, meat, white rice, fried food, refined sugar, sugar substitutes, food containing preservatives or additives, white flour and food made by it, butter, margarine and high fat products

Side Effects:

  • You may experience moderate to severe headaches for the first days as your body rids itself of caffeine, salt, sugar and various impurities.

Important exceptions:

Anyone with a medical condition related to eating or under the treatment of a physician must consult their doctor. Children, especially small children, will have special needs that must be considered. Under these conditions, find some sacrifice in the area of food that can be made without endangering health.

Also, if you have extreme difficulty with the fast, such as impairment of your ability to work at your job, you will have to make adjustments. This is not a failure of will but is wisdom. Seek the Lord and discuss it with other Christians involved in the fast to find alternatives.

Daniel’s Food for My Temple


Whole Grains:
Barley, Brown Rice, Oats

Red beans, black beans, dried beans, long beans, french beans, pinto beans, split peas, black eyed peas, Lentils.

Asparagus, artichokes, broccoli, beets, bean sprouts, carrots, cabbage, celery, cauliflower, chili peppers, cucumbers, corn, cactus, eggplant, ginger root, garlic, kale, lettuce, leeks, mustard greens, collard greens, mushrooms, onions, okra, potatoes, pickles, parsley, rutabagas, radishes, spinach, sprouts, scallions, sweet potatoes, squashes, turnips, tomatoes, water chestnuts, yams, zucchini.

Apricots, apples, black berries, blue berries, boysenberries, bananas, cherries, cranberries, cantaloupe, dragon fruit, figs, grapes, grapefruit, guava, honeydew melons, kiwi, lime, lemons, mangoes, nectarines, peaches, pears, pineapples, papayas, plums, prunes, raspberries, raisins, strawberries, tangerines, tangelos, watermelon.

Nuts and Seeds

Drink 8 glasses of water daily, Distilled water, spring water, 100% natural fruit or vegetable juice. You may also drink protein drinks.

“Doing the Word”
James 1:22
5 Simple Ways of “Doing the Word” through Fasting and Prayer
Journal Your Journey
Concentrate on personal prayer time
Study and devote time to seeking God’s Word
Listen as you Pray
Develop a Hunger for the Things of God


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    I was recommended this web site by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written

    by him as nobody else know such detailed about my trouble. You’re incredible!

  2. Hi! Just came across your blog and wanted to let you know about my blog, Those Who Hunger, which provides recipes and devotionals for people doing the Daniel Fast. Perhaps it will encourage you and your church. I pray that the Lord will richly bless you as you seek Him during your fast.

    “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” – Matthew 5:6

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