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Greg O’Quin and iPraize- Break Thru (song, lyrics, MP3)

Break Thru! Lyrics
Greg O’Quin
Verse 1
I’m going thru some things
But nothing can turn me around
A little wind and some rain
But it can’t touch the joy I’ve found
Gonna put my trust in U
Whatever problem I’m in
I know you’ll see me thru…I’m gonna win
I need this break thru
I need a word 2
I’ve gotta praise & worship U
I’ve gotta get this prayer thru
I know I’m gonna get this break thru
I know I’m gonna get my break thru this time
I know I’m gonna get my break thru in time
I know things will work out
They will work out just fine…that’s what I believe….
4 it’s my season…it’s my time!
Verse 2
I declare to the enemy
I’m sick and tire of your games
I’ve put all my trust in God
And nothing will be the same
Even though I’m in a holding place
I’ll wait on the move of God
Though the symptoms aren’t erased
I know I will beat the odds
I’m coming out….
My problems
My situation
My circumstance
I’m gonna get my break thru
I’m coming out….
My drama
My depression
My poverty
I’m gonna get my break thru
I’m coming out….
My letdowns
I’m gonna get my break thru
I’m walking in…
My promise
My deliverance
My healing
I’m gonna get my break thru
I’m walking in…
My Protection
God’s anointing
I’m gonna get my break thru
I’m walking in…
My purpose
My calling
God’s favor
I’m gonna get my break thru!!!!
©Greg O’Quin and Grand Maestro Music

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  • Martha Calmes

    I absolutely love this song and really feel in my heart that this song will save alot of people because it saved me w/God’s conviction. Therefore, I posted it on facebook. It is beautiful! It makes u realize alot. Whoever this woman is singing in this song has a sunrise voice. Keep doing what you’re doing and helping to saving young people like myself. Thanks.

  • I really love this song.I love this song so much i danced of of it. And making up dancing moves roghet then and there. Tonia glover (COUSIN) And Debbie williams(mother) really opened there heart on this song may god bless you and i agree with martha calmes im only 12 and i love this song and jesus he really do work in misterious ways thank you and i love this song bye now

  • Tanisha Ross

    I really love this song. I’ve listened to it over and over again within the last past hour. I never knew for a male to have such an incredible voice. Because of this song, I’ve really realized a lot and I know I’m gonna get my break thru in time. I encourage everyone who are going through hard times to listen to this and I promise your mind frame will change. Be encouraged. Know that there is a God above and if you believe, you will get your break thru in time.

  • Renee Jones

    The first time i heard that song it let me know that no matter what problem come up in my life i gonna get my break thur. As long a i keep my faith in God he will bring me thru. that song is very touching and have a message all by it self. Just take time time to reallly listen to and you will know that you gonna get your break thur

  • mylaysia

    i love this web sight and love this song cause every time i get ready to leave god side something pulls me back everytime and he bring others in my life and take them back out to help me learn im getting there even though im still young dont mean wait later to be into god i need to know him now and need him in my life cause he is the greatest person i can have in my life

    • RiverAngel42

      Mylaysia. Thank you for your comment. We hope you continue to come by our site and enjoy what we have. If there is ever anything that you would like to see on the site please let us know. Whatever you do and whatever life throws your way don’t leave God’s side. Even if you do He will never leave yours and He is always pleased to have you come home.

      Be Blessed and feel free to comment as much as you would like
      PS Sorry it took so long to respond

  • Rhonda Henderson

    I really love this song its a very anointing song just listen to the lyrics and you will the presence of God around you just have faith as much as a grain of a mustard seed God will bring you thru what ever youre going thru i really believe in my heart my break thru is on the way if i just hold on and don’t turn around and i want it’s on the way God said not me.

  • Cameo

    This song has carried me for the past couple of weeks. Tears of joy began to flow as I listen to the lyrics. Thank God for the leader of this song she has such a powerful voice. Thank God for being God. Be blessed!

  • beverly grant

    i love this song i know am going to get my breakthur thank God for the ones who written this song God bless u !!! because u was thinking about God children

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