The Radio One- One Love Gospel Cruise Performers

As many of you know, the ONE LOVE GOSPEL CRUISE is set to take sail from April 12- April 17, 2010. While we won’t be attending we would love for you to share your experience with us. As a matter of fact if you have gone before please share a story about your trip with us.

Who was the best performer?
Did anyone work out with Yolanda Adams, it’s the cool down?
Was it different than other cruises because it was the Gospel cruise?
Do they have the whole ship or are others vacationers there as well?

Also in case you were unsure of the performers for this year, so far they are as follows: Have fun!!!


Yolanda Adams
Jeff Majors
Fred Hammond
Marvin Sapp
Hezekiah Walker
Canton Jones
J Moss
Rev. Floyd Flake
Pastor Rudy Rasmus
Shirley Caesar
Donnie McClurkin
Vickie Winans
James Fortune
Regina Belle
David & Tamela Mann
Donald Lawrence
Maurette Brown-Clark
Wess Morgan
Vicki Yohe
Martha Munizzi
Israel Houghton
Vanessa Bell Armstrong
Bishop Paul Morton
Papa San
Damon Little
Darius Brooks
The Clark Sisters
Angelia Robinson
Brian Courtney Wilson
Marshetta Parker
Ted Winn

Some of the names are unfamiliar to me, looks like I have some howework to do which means for music for you!

One Love Cruise 2010 Itinerary
[ad] DAY
April 12 Miami, FL 4 PM Depart
April 13 Cruising At Sea
April 14 Georgetown,
Grand Cayman 8 AM 5 PM Docked
April 15 Ocho Rios,
Jamaica 8 AM 4 PM Docked
April 16 Cruising At Sea
April 17 Miami, FL 7 AM Return

If you want to go call 1-877-755-5635 to book your cabin.


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  1. Elder Willie J. Robinson Avatar
    Elder Willie J. Robinson

    I heard Donnie say “One can register to win a tour, well, how do I register?

  2. Good morning Ms. Yoland Adams I am e-mailing you to give you Grace your music is so touching and filling. Your music makes you respect gospel music and what it stands for. Me and my fiance are getting married in aug/10 in Bensalem Pa. we have been looking for a musician that could sing one song for us we both stuggle with the same disease Multiple Scelorsis that leads us not to have many finances to pay anyone . We are not looking for you or any elses money just comfort and understanding. God bless you and keep you . Thank you in advance

  3. Shante Chavis Avatar
    Shante Chavis

    LOLOL @ the alcohol thing….yes ma’am, they did sell alcohol on the ship and they still had the casinos open…and no, I don’t and didn’t drink on the ship…that’s not my stronghold :o) The elevator music was gospel and music arond the ship was gospel, but maybe in the casions or places like that it might have been secular, not sure.Yes, I felt like the artist did mix it up with the ppl, I saw Fred hangin’ out on the main deck several times, for long pds of times…the 1st time he was swarmed by ppl, but as the week went on ppl got used to seeing him so I think it calmed down. I saw many of the artist at lunch/dinner in the main buffet dining room as well as in some of the other restaurants (Maurette Brown Clark, Marvin Sapp, Jackie Clark, Fred and his singers)….everyone appeared to be very approachable….at least the ones that I saw….there was a ton of stuff going on, so I didn’t see all the celebrities walking around, but u can only be in one place at one time…..the best thing on the cruise…fred performing (both nights)…next, the poolside concert with JJ Hairston, Canton Jones, JMoss, Papa San, then the saved and single seminars and the CoCo brother live radio tapings were fun too, we played these games, men against women…honestly there was so much that we did and saw that it’s hard to really rate it, I mean I missed some stuff like the “Meet the Artist” events or Donnie McClurkin’s Bible Study (he had 2) because they had multiple things going on at the same time, probably to make sure that everyone could be doing something at any given time, not a lot of down time on that cruise, we kept it moving. I’ll try to share my pics from FB…..

    1. RiverAngel42 Avatar

      Thank You so much for your comment. I was just wondering about the alcohol hadn’t even thought about casinos. You know we as Christians can be funny about stuff like that :). I feel if you are over 21 it’s a personal choice. I am not suprised to hear Fred Hammond was walking around. He is one of my favorite gospel artist. But I am from Detroit originally so I am biased. Hopefully next year Online Fellowship will be on the cruise, that way I can update as the cruise is going on. Yes, I think I like that idea! So if you go again hopefully we will see you there. It sounds like it was a lot of fun!

      We would love to pout up some of your photos if you would like you can email them to my address at Also are you one of our friends on facebook?

  4. Claria Ellis Avatar
    Claria Ellis

    I agree 100% with shante it was the best i was also a first time cruiser and i loved every minute of it.

    1. RiverAngel42 Avatar

      What was the best thing about the cruise? Were the artist there mixing with everyone? We’d love to see pics. BTW I’ve never gone but would love to. You stated they had the whole ship. Did they still have alcohol? I have always been curious about that, I know someone else wanted to ask the same quest. So I will ask for everyone. No we don’t want to know if you had a drink. Do the clubs on the ship play secular or gospel music. Please let us know.

  5. Shante Chavis Avatar
    Shante Chavis

    Hi, I attended the 2010 One Love Gospel Cruise (first time gospel cruiser), it was an awesome experience, I went there to njoy a few concerts, but I got much more. To be on a ship with believers (we had the whole ship), to have gospel music playing in the background as u walk around the ship vs. secular music, to have gospel/christian programs on TV was just a wonderful thing. The performances were great, there were officially 4 concerts (approx 3-4 hrs each), but there were really many more actual performances than that, there were jam sessions on the main deck and many singers performed a song or 2 at the CoCo Brother live taping each night, as well as during some of the other events. The comedy shows were very funny, they even did a live taping on Friday night (so everyone will have the opportunity to see that), to me that was the best of the comedy shows, specifically the vantrilaquist, he was the BOMB, just hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing, I also didnt know how funny Vickie Winas is, she was a major hit comedically. I went because I am a huge Fred Hammond fan, so of course I enjoyed his perfomance the best but everyone was really good and really ministered…there are many CD’s that I am buying as a result of the experience. There was a great seminar given by John Gray (comedian) called Saved & Single, it was THE best single seminar that i have attened, he was very transparent and very real, everyone was taking notes like crazy, I’m still marinating on that. And Morning Prayer led by James Fortune was also very good, renewing. There was just so much, I can’t even describe it all. I can honestly say that almost everyone listed to appear was there, we did not get to jamaica due to high winds and I believe Bishop Morton was going to picked up there, so he wasn’t there I also did not see Tamela and David Mann, but those are the only ones that I can think of that weren’t there…there may be a few more but that’s all I can think of.
    There was one major issue, the size of one the locations for the concerts. One area seemed to be large enough (Stardust), but the 2nd area (Dazzles) couldn’t possibly hold 1000 ppl, so we ended up standing in lines for several hours sometimes to ensure that we got a seat. Alot of ppl were disappointed that we did not get to Ochos Rios, so I’m sure that would be considered a major issue as well, but out of anyone’s control. Outside of those 2 things, it was definitely a success.

  6. The One Love Gospel Cruise is now sold out.

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