2010 Celebration of Gospel – Fantasia & Diane Barrino-Barber Performance



Fantasia also has an upcoming reality (although she doesn’t like to use the “r” word) show on VH1 entitled “Fantasia For Real” and is set to air in January.

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    1. April I agree with you 100%. I am a TRUE R&B fan I for one have been to her live concerts every time she comes to my hmowtoen and she is an absolutely AMAZING artist! Her performances are passionate and phenomenal! And she really does actually make REAL music that is true to what music is all about (REAL LIFE). This is why people listen to REAL music, to listen to something that they can relate to, not just some music with a catchy beat and wack (for lack of a better word) lyrics. And as for her personal life, life isn’t just black and white (which is what the people whom are passing judgment are reading; black and white ink from a tabloid about someone elses life they don’t even know). So since life isn’t black and white and we are not flies on fantasia’s wall watching her life in living color and have no clue what really is going on in her life and relationships there is no need for passing judgment unless your name is Jesus.

  2. hey fantasia you in your mother sounded so beautiful oh my gosh i almost cried when i seen yall in i watch it every day now at school Love Shi

  3. God is so good! What an anointing that's on her life! But the best part is that she still uses her gifts to bless the God's kingdom.

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