Brit Hume – Tiger Woods Should Become a Christian



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  1. Eleanora Winslow Avatar
    Eleanora Winslow

    I believe that Brit Hume’s recommendation was too general and requires elaboration. There are those who claim to be “christians” yet have no concept of the true meaning of the word. A “christian” repents (turns away from) of his sins which were paid for at the cross by the blood of JESUS in his place. One who decides to become a “christian makes a decision to become a “desciple” or “desciplined” to be Christlike in his thoughts, words and actions. True repentance produces a regenerated heart and an abandonment of a sinful lifestyle. God is not only waking up Hollywood, but, judgement, according to the Word, begins in the house of God. He is exposing every form of wickedness, including greed, idolatry, perversion, pride, racism, self-exaltation, self-righteousness, etc. We are living in a time where EVERYTHING that can be shaken will be shaken and only that which cannot be shaken (that which is built on the solid rock which is JESUS) will remain standing. As the old spiritual goes, “On Christ the solid rock I stand, ALL other ground is sinking sand”!

  2. I agree on this! God is waking up Hollywood

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