Mark Driscoll – What is the Church?

[ad] sermon notes:
Book “Vintage Church”
Dictionary definition – sacred building
Modern Era – Personal Relationship with Jesus (Overlooked the Love that God has for the Church)
Post Modernism – From individualism to communal-ism, from a personal relationship with Jesus to participatory redemption
Matthew 18 (church discipline)
Book “Emerging Churches”
9 practices
1. Jesus is a model way to live
2. Transforming the secular realm
3. Living highly communal lives
4. Welcoming those outside
5. Sharing generously
6. Participating in the community
7. Creativity
8. Leadership without control
9. Spiritual Activities

Who is Jesus?
Genesis 3:15
Incarnation (Humbly)
“The Father Has Sent Me” – Man on a Mission
No to sin, Yes to God
Suffers and Dies for our sins as our substitute
Rises conquering Satan, sin, death
“Jesus tells before he returns to Heaven not to go on our mission just yet”
“wait on the Holy Spirit”
Philippians 2:5-11
“Holy Spirit publicly anoints and appoints Jesus for missionary ministry”
“The Church is to continue the ministry of Jesus on the earth”
Acts 2
Acts 2:14
Acts 2:32-
“Preaching is preeminent and prominent in the Church”
“It’s About Jesus”


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