Bishop TD Jakes Newest Novel: “The Memory Quilt: A Christmas Story Of Our Times”

Lately I have been receiving a lot of requests from friends on Facebook and Twitter asking  for books to add to their reading list.  Now while I do like to read, I can’t say that I have ever compiled a list of books that I wanted to read. Yet it seems like a “2010 Reading List” is the thing to have ready as we approach the New Year. Is Oprah responsible for this?

Normally unless I, or my Mother, have already read a book I try not to recommend it to anyone else. However, Bishop TD Jakes has a new book out entitled “The Memory Quilt: A Christmas Story Of Our Times”

From the excerpts and overviews that I have read it has all the makings of a great novel. As I stated before I have not read the book, so I will not try to give you an overview as I am sure I could not do it any justice based off of the excerpts I have read.  However, IF i were to have a “2010 Book List” this would be at the top.
[ad] FYI- For all you late shoppers this could make an excellent Christmas present for the bookworm in your family! If you are the bookworm and have a few days off for the Holiday, pick up it up! Read it! Then come back here and let me know what you think!

Be Blessed


Have you read this book?  What did you think? Share your thoughts I am eager to read them!

I’ll make a more recommendations later on. If you have a must read, leave  a comment. Perhaps we can have an Online Fellowship 2010 Book List.  I like the sound of that so please add your favorites here.

Also for my tech savvy readers this book is also available for the new Kindle.


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