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For those of you who still enjoy going to the card store and taking the time to find that perfect card for special occasions or Holiday (like my Mother) well TD Jakes has a line of greeting cards with a Spiritual and Inspirational message.

Messages from “America’s Voice of Hope” Featured on Cards and Other Products

Cleveland, Ohio (January 2008) – He’s a pastor, an author, an inspirational speaker, a humanitarian, a philanthropist, a “visionary,” a businessman, and a trusted advisor to presidents and international statesmen. The messages of Bishop T.D. Jakes, “America’s Best Preacher” according to Time magazine, are broadcast across the globe every week, and now, his inspiring words are reaching even more people thanks to a new partnership with American Greetings Corporation (NYSE: AM).

Bishop Jakes and American Greetings have collaborated to create a collection of cards called, “Gentle Guidance and Inspirational Messages by T.D. Jakes,” which first launched for the 2007 Christmas season. A second collection of Bishop Jakes’ cards is part of the company’s Black History Month line, available now in stores nationwide. The line includes eight cards, ranging from birthday to sympathy to encouragement and friendship, that feature Bishop Jakes’ encouraging messages on personal betterment and spiritual strength coupled with a complementary Bible verse and an inspirational photograph. Two of the cards also include a keepsake bookmark with a message from Bishop Jakes.

“Our partnership with Bishop Jakes extends the reach of his powerful message and expands American Greetings range of religious and spiritual cards for the growing number of consumers who enjoy connecting with others in this way,” said Paul Palmer, Director of Ethnic Card Marketing at American Greetings. “Bishop Jakes has a way with words that resonates with people of all races and makes for truly inspiring content in our greeting cards.”

Bishop Jakes began preaching at the age of 19, and today, he’s considered one of the nation’s “25 most influential evangelicals,” according to Time magazine. He founded Greater Emmanuel Temple of Faith in 1979, a small, 10-member congregation, after enduring difficult life circumstances during childhood and learning the importance of faith from his mother. More than 25 years later, Bishop Jakes pastors The Potter’s House, a multiracial, nondenominational church in Dallas that has dominated church growth records since its inception in 1996. In its 10-year existence, the church has grown from the 50 families to more than 30,000 members. Bishop Jakes is also the founder of TDJ Enterprises, through which he employs his other aptitudes as author, songwriter, and playwright. A renowned religious author with more than 30 books to his credit, his work has been featured on Christian, secular, and business oriented best-seller lists.


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  1. Marie McCloud Avatar
    Marie McCloud

    I would like to buy TDJakes Christmas Cards…
    Have not been able to find any

  2. Adrienne Guillory Avatar
    Adrienne Guillory

    I have a poem that I would like a member of the T D Jakes Greeting Card staff to view for possible publication. Also, I have an interest in becoming a writer for this line of Greeting Cards (for monetary gains, of course). How do I go about this process? And, is it possible to have direct communications with Bishop TD Jakes? Your immediate response will be greatly appreciated.

  3. Gwendolyn Bush Avatar
    Gwendolyn Bush

    Please send me information on TD Jakes greeting card. I want to use this in my church mission Dept.

  4. Clara Masebo Avatar
    Clara Masebo

    I woul like to receive daily devotional Messages for T.D Jakes.

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