Crystal Aiken – I Desire More (Live)


I Desire More Lyrics

I’m needing, i’m wanting
There is something about You
I need to know more of
When i fall on my knees
attend my prayer, oh God
Take me beyond the veil
Give me more of You

Oh, Lord… and if it’s not too much to ask
I wanna deeper relationship with You
I want the oil of God to flow in me
Through and through
Here i am
On bended knees
With outstretched arms crying Lord
Not my will, but your will
Less of me, and more of you
I need more, i need more

As i go before your throne
I give the praise to You alone
I lift my hands and give You worship
For you are God alone
Let Your glory fill this place
Show Your hand of mercy upon us
I can’t speak right until you come Lord
Let Your presence fall on me

Here i am
Accept my words
Here I am
Accept my praise
I’m broken, i’m thirsty
Let your blood flow through my veins

I gotta have more, i gotta have more


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