Men Of Standard – I Will (Live)


I Will Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Ever wonder why we, sometimes
Have to go through hard times
Even though we’ve been living the best we know how
But God has a purpose, a plan
I’ll just continue to stand
As long as He’s with me I know I can, and I

I will/ Never give up
I will/ Keep on holding on
I will/ Never let go
I will/ Always stay strong
I will/ Go wherever
I will/ Do whatever
I will/ Say whatever
I will/ You just tell me
And I will

(Verse 2)
If anybody knows, I know
There’s sometimes we must go
Even when we don’t want to go
But what we must understand
That’s it’s all in His hands
So when He calls your name don’t say I can’t
Just say



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