Deitrick Haddon – He’s Able Live

Deitrick Haddon singing his rendition of the song he wrote but is most popularly known with Darwin Hobbs singing the lead.

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  1. devonte maddox

    i went to the performance at second ebenesers deitrick and all th singers were so great i loved it and it realy made me realize my life

    1. RiverAngel42

      You were at the concert this past Saturday? How was it? It was for such a worthy cause. Have you heard anything about how things went today (Monday) at COBO hall. I know the goal was to make 1 million dollars that would be given to those in need of help with energy bills. I pray they made more than that as I am sure every dime will be used! Who was your favorite at the concert?

      1. devonte maddox

        srry it took long but yes i was and yes they payed alot of peoples billls it brong much excitement and detrick and his wife and the others were great to !!!

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