The Beatitudes Bible Study: Matthew 5:5 The Meek


Blessed are the meek:  for they shall inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5

Here in the third beatitude, again there is a word that gives some negative feelings.  On first glance, meek implies weakness.  A popular idea of a meek person is one who lacks spirit and courage.  A second look at the dictionary yields other and more positive definitions.

The meek is one who is strong but not violent, able to endure injury with patience and without resentment. A better idea of the meaning is “humility”.  The meek person of this beatitude is one who is secure, humble, and unassuming.  Jesus called himself meek and gentle.  It describes a person who is able to handle conflicts and insults without an ego crisis.  In our time, we say the meek person is one who “has it all put together”.

Jesus said these non-aggressors would inherit the earth.  What did he mean?  Inheritance is to receive an unearned gift.  The recipient is an heir who, without personal effort, takes control and ownership of property as a beneficiary.   This idea contrasts with the popular belief that you must work harder, think faster, and compete aggressively to succeed.

But it is here – the meek shall inherit the earth.  What is the earth?  Here “earth” means the realm of your existence.  It is your environment.   It is the place and circumstance of your life.

So the humble and gentle will be given control of their existence.   God will do this.  He will cause harmony between the meek person and all the circumstances of his life.  Toil and effort to exist, survive, and succeed are no longer required.  The God who controls all things takes control of your life to make your efforts easier, more productive and satisfying.

Strife can become a thing of the past when your life is in God’s hands, and is managed by his power and love.  Worry and anxiety go away.  This is his gift, his blessing to the meek.


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