Joshua’s Troop- In This Place (Live)


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  1. Rivers D. McCreary, 111 Avatar
    Rivers D. McCreary, 111

    I was in the auditioning audience of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” on Tuesday, November 17th, 2009. Steve Harvey was the guest host. He did a great job , however, he should realize that he must season his language with that of the word of God, not the profanity that the world uses. We all hurt at times but if you have to use profanity to express yourself then you are already defeated. He is a beautiful person and I will pray that through his continued growth in Christ that he will be able to overcome this defenciency in his Christian walk. You can’t be the worship leader (emcee) for the Gospel Award shows one day and then entertain the world with a profanity laced speech the next. You are the type of person that does not need to use that form of wordly language to get your point across. I enjoyed you other wise at the audition and maybee next time I’ll pass the audition. All things come of thee oh lord. Be blessed you are still allright with me.

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