Chicago Mass Choir- Whatever You Want (God’s Got It) Video and Lyrics

Whatever You Want, God’s Got It Lyrics

Chorus: (*Lead sings 1st, then choir follows)
Whatever you want
God’s got it
Whatever you need
God’s got it
Whatever you ask
Just believe it
According to your faith
You can receive it
Eyes have not seen,
Nor ears have heard,
Good things my God has in store

My Father’s rich in houses and land
He holds the world in the palm
of His hand
Rubies and diamonds, silver and gold
My Father has riches that’s untold
No need to worry, no to fret
(Choir: My God has everything)
He’s never failed me yet
(Choir: My God has everything)
There is no secret, to what my God can do
If He’s done it for me, He’ll do it for you


My God’s got everything (repeat, Lead: sings ad lib)

Whatever you want (repeat as directed)

Eyes have not seen
Nor ears have heard (repeat as directed)
Good things my God has in store

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  1. Stephanie

    This is a different song than what is displayed to be played.
    I am still enjoying it though 🙂

  2. RiverAngel42

    It sure is. Thanks for the alert we will fix.
    Be Blessed!

  3. RiverAngel42

    All fixed and my youngest daughter is dancing around the house clapping. I guess she wanted the correct version too!

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