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Maurette Brown Clark- It Ain’t Over (Video, Lyrics and mp3 download)

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Even when it seems like the battle is over and you have been defeated, that things will never stop, there is a breakthough coming for you.  Never stop believing, never give up because it ain’t over until GOD says, “It’s Over!”

“Keep fighting until the victory is won!”

Be Blessed!

Lyrics to IT AIN’T OVER

I know the odds are stacked against you

And it seems there’s no way out

I know the issue seems unchangeable

And that there’s no reason to shout

But the impossible is God’s chance

To work a miracle, a miracle

So just know

It ain’t over until God says it’s over

It ain’t over until God says it’s done

It ain’t over until God says it’s over

Keep fighting until your victory is won

He never said it would be easy

But you’re a winner in the end

Jesus defeated all your enemies

Way before the fight began

But the impossible is God’s chance

To work a miracle, a miracle

So just know

When people say you can’t, remember

(He can, He can)

When you don’t know what to do,

Please remember

(He has the master plan)

He will free you from your sin

And give you peace within

So hold your head up high

You’re gonna win

(You’re gonna win)

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I just want to say that your song It Aint Over has bee a blessing and confirmation for me. I’m going through something right now with my job, but I know that It Aint Over until God say it’s over. Keep doing what you’re doing, Keep God first and be encouraged. Be Blessed & Love you much.

Dear Antoinette:
Thank you for your comment and encouragement. I thank God that we were able to provide you with a song that spoke to you. The very first time I heard the song it moved me as well. Regardless of what you are going through, remember “God will never leave you nor forsake you.” Keep Trusting!

Stay Blessed and Stay strong!
Yours in Christ!


Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord!! This song is WOW……um, hallelujah!……it is so moving and has been a great blessing to me since I first heard it. This song has moved my spirit, my heart and has helped me forgive those who have wronged me without holding a grudge. The grudge was eating at my spirit and soul but your song and Gods power have given me the strength to keep my head up in bad times and good times and times when I felt like things were too much to bear especially in the loss of my parents and nephews. But I know IT AIN’T OVER UNTIL GOD SAYS ITS OVER!….Thank for this song and keep doing what you do. Be Blessed because you are truely a blessing.

The very first time I heard this song, I was about to get out of my car in a hurry to go somewhere. I sat back down and listened and a abundance of emotions overwhelmed me. I thought of my father’s lymphoma and his last days here on earth, my sister’s coma before her death, my brother’s family of 6 car accident, my cousin that is in stage 4 breast cancer now and the divorce I’m going through. I only have my mother and my children left, I’m thankful, but it does make me wonder, who is next. This song helps me through my grieving process. I listen to it rapaciously and I’m glad that God used you to create such a song that would be a blessing to many.

Maurette….thank you so much for this song. Every song that you record touches the very core of my heart and spirit. Keep it up because you are a true blessing!

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