Kathy Taylor-Brown – Oh How Precious


Download “Oh How Precious” Below


2 responses to “Kathy Taylor-Brown – Oh How Precious”

  1. Pat Burgess Avatar
    Pat Burgess


    The first time I heard this song it blessed by soul. Thank you
    for obeying His call to the music ministry. Keep on telling the
    people to call Him because His name is Precious. May God
    continue to bless you with many more heart stirring songs for
    God’s people.


    Pat Burgess

  2. Rev. Joseph Jackson Avatar
    Rev. Joseph Jackson


    Thank you for taking this song too another level. . . Wow what a blessing!!
    I’m grateful for the ‘ Holy Ghost ‘ working through your life too reach the church globally on this song~ I can’t wait for the next album:-) Keep shinning for Jesus.! Truly, Oh how precious is the name of Jesus.

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