Jessica Reedy – Something Out Of Nothing Video (Unplugged)

Jessica Reedy – "Something Out Of Nothing"… by LightRecords

So I heard this song on the radio the other day on my way to work and it made me take a moment and Thank God for maturing and changing me into the person I am becoming (operative word becoming). Then today as I listened to her perform the song unplugged I had to relate the song to my personal experience a little more and think how much time and care and attention to detail it must take to make something out of nothing. We live in a popcorn microwave socitey, that believes everything should be quick and easy. However when you talk about master craftmanship, a divine work sometimes the change is not quick and it may require more patience and determination and sticktoitiveness than you have ever dedicated to a task. But if I can perservere through the changes and stick to His plan then oh the something I will be when His work is done in me.

Just something I wanted to share. Be Blessed and let the Master finish His work in you as well!


John Legend and The Roots feat. Jennifer Hudson – Be Grateful!!!


Some of us have a way of always seeing the darkness, the bad that is amongst the good. However this song is a great reminder of how we should be. That is grateful! I heard today “What you feed will grow and what you don’t will starve” If you are going to starve anything out of your life, start with the negative! Try to avoid being so negative that people have to look for the God in you!