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National Prayer Breakfast 2015 (Video)

“We see faith driving us to do right,” President Obama said. “We also see faith being twisted and distorted, used as a wedge, or worse, sometimes as a weapon.” Speaking to his own faith, President Obama said he has sought God’s guidance “not just in my own life but in the life of our nation.” […]


President Barack Obama – 2012 National Prayer Breakfast (Video)

President Obama speaks about the role that faith and values play in problem solving. The President says he begins each day with prayer, scripture and devotion. He reflects on many biblical teachings including: God’s command to love thy neighbor as thy self Jesus teaching that for unto whom much is given much shall be required […]

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President Obama Speaks at National Prayer Breakfast (Video and Transcript)

Remarks by the President at National Prayer Breakfast Washington Hilton, Washington, D.C. 9:00 A.M. EST THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you so much.  To the co-chairs, Jeff and Ann; to all the members of Congress who are here, the distinguished guests who’ve traveled so far to be here this morning; to Randall for your wonderful stories and […]