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Preachers of LA episode 5 (Video)

Perspectives & Priorities Bishop Noel Jones tries to come to terms with his commitment issues, while Deitrick Haddon must choose between preaching and his music career.

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Preachers of L.A. – Episode 4 (Video)

A stalker managed to breach Bishop Clarence McClendon’s tight security, putting him and his family at risk. Bishop Ron Gibson snatched his sister Shaun from a dope house in the face of dangerous criminals. Minister Deitrick Haddon bought a house, then eloped with his fiancee Dominique in the face of naysayers.

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Preachers of LA Episode 3 (Video)

First Lady Cheney decides to throw an exclusive “First Ladies Tea” for a group of high-profile preacher’s wives, but when she invites Noel Jones’ “special friend” Loretta, the ladies quickly forget their polite tea manners. Episode 3 Watch Episode 4 or Episode 5

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Bishop Clarence E. McClendon, “The Man Cave Scene Was a Setup” (VIdeo)

Bishop Clarence E. McClendon talks about why he choose to do the reality show, “Preachers of LA”. He explains how the “ignorant and foolish dispute” takes place. Bishop Clarence E. McClendon was born and raised in Decatur, Illinois and began preaching at age fifteen. He assumed his first pastorate position at age nineteen and today, […]