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  1. Emmanuel Aondoakaa

    I need to be in Christ always, pls be with me in prayers especially to deliver me from the bondage of fornication.

  2. jadaon masih

    Good afternoon sister joyce meyer.I am christain.I live in pakistan. so please pray for me and my family.I im in problem.kindly sister contact me.

  3. Holy Events

    We like this site, especially the verse of the day and picture rotator at the top.This is a great service for believers, and if there is any way we can be of assistance to you, please let us know. God bless!

  4. Jadaon Masih

    Praise The Lord.Good Evening.
    How are you my sister.You are my christ your brother is in problem and my family and my churches members.sister I am not write and read acurate english.but I am try.Please try to understand For God say.I want to spread Bible street to street town to town city to city country to country any please We are need your help your family your friend your relitive your church members we are need sister.Domestic Problem.I want to join your ministry.I want to doing Pastor Training for your ministry.Please sister you and your chuches Lead me and my family and my churches members.Sister I request for you and your family and your churches members please.
    Jesus said.Love each other as I have Loved you.

  5. pst matthew

    Praise the Lord may God bless you so much for the good work you are doing in keeping the fellowship its my joy to have know you and i pray that the grace of God that abounds in everything may increase in your lives and ministry and may the good lord meet you at the point of every need in your ministry be blessed and greetings of our lord Jesus from Africa Kenya



    1. Jadaon Masih

      Praise The Lord.Good evening Sister Laverne Celestine and your Family and your ministry members.Thanks for your contacting.What is your means obout links Please explane to me.I want know please.I cant speak will english.I cant write and read english.But I understand so so but I hope full to God.I will speak write and read english.
      Thankyou from your christ brother Jadaon Masih.

  7. Irvin Clark

    My name is Irvin Clark and I am working on telling the true story my wife Joyce, who was shot five times. Here a small excerpt from that store:
    Back from the Brink of Death

    Back from the brink of death is the story of Joyce Clark’s recovery, a dedicated servant of God. Joyce is my wife of 37 years, the mother of our three children, the grandmother of our five grandchildren and a lover of God and people. Joyce has such an intimacy relationship with God that if one on the kids would call home and could not find her, their question was, “Daddy did the rapture come and left us behind”? In other words, Joyce walked the walk that she preached about. Our lives is divided into two parts; one before September 20, 2010; the day Joyce was shot five times, twice in the head by an out of control gunman while she was working on her job as an employee at the Post Exchange on Fort Bliss TX; and after September 20, 2010; the road back from brink of death.
    Please e-mail at

  8. George Pennicuff

    I am looking just to fellowship….

    Facebook: Prophet George Pennicuff

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