Social Justice and the Gospel: Part 1

Say it ain’t so! Is Adam Coleman a Social Justice Warrior?!!

I’ve received a number of emails, IMs, and comments online speculating about my perspective on the so called “Social Justice Movement” particularly as it relates to the recent Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel that a number of pastors and theologians released and signed their names to about a month ago. I started a new gig in September and due to getting acclimated to my new part time job I’ve been delayed in giving my take on it. But here it is folks. Well at least part 1 of it anyway. I have a lot to say on the subject so I’ll probably have to split it up over the course of a few episodes but check out part 1 and give me your feedback!

Key Points

How is social justice and apologetics/evangelism issue?

Where is much of the confusion and conflict stemming from?

Is there a way to approach social justice from a biblical standpoint?